National Adoption Awareness Month Release: New How-To Book Helps Prospective Adoptive Parents Prepare for the American Foster Care System Application and Home Study Process

Bend, OR – The new ebook ADOPT LOCAL: How To Adopt A Child From The American Foster Care System is available on as a Kindle Edition just in time for National Adoption Awareness Month.

Written by Sheila S. Jordan, who along with her husband, successfully adopted two infants from the foster care system. Those boys are now ages 12 and 17. “It's been and continues to be an incredible journey,” Jordan said, “and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

Jordan’s approach differs from mainstream how-to-adopt books in that it focuses on how to save time and effort by understanding in advance what is being asked of families during the application and home study process.

On any given day, there are over 450,000 American children idling in the foster care system. The majority are school-aged children, teenagers, or sibling groups who for years have bounced from one foster home to another yet continue to dream of having a forever family.

Many aspiring parents are intimidated by the red tape that characterizes adoption from the U.S. foster care system. This easy-to-follow guide will provide an overview of the application process and includes time-saving tips to prepare for your home study and home inspection.

Written by a mom who successfully adopted two children from the foster care system in two different counties, this guide is straight-forward, honest and encouraging without sugarcoating some of the challenges you will face.

ADOPT LOCAL : How To Adopt A Child From The American Foster Care System

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Book and Cover Design: Hannah Chu