Worried Mom Launches Scrappy Start-Up Job Board to Support Neurodiverse Job Seekers

Greetings from the workability.one family!

We're a scrappy, grassroots start-up job board designed to help connect forward-thinking, inclusive employers with qualified, neurodiverse, autistic or disabled job candidates.

The idea for this job board came to me when my oldest kiddo expressed interest in landing his first job.

Like most parents of neurodiverse kids, I started to wonder and worry -- would he have an understanding supervisor who won't mind repeating instructions or answering the same questions multiple times? How can we provide young neurodiverse adults with a fair shake -- an opportunity for them to enter the workforce in a supportive environment where they can not only succeed, but thrive?

So here we are. We launched www.workability.one in late summer 2021 as a "proof-of-concept" experiment. And soon, we were inundated with emails from teens, young adults, and worried parents all asking the same questions with which I was struggling.

In January 2022, I left a full-time management position I'd held for seven years in order to focus on growing a business I strongly believe in. There is an unmet demand for a centralized job board where neurodiverse and disabled job seekers can find well-paying jobs that allow them to make meaningful contributions to society.

Now we need your help to make this job board viable and sustainable by supporting it with your company's job postings. We don't have vice presidents or layers upon layers of employees that require an organizational chart to navigate. If you email us, WE are the ones actually responding to your inquiry.

So help this scrappy start-up grow, and post some of your jobs! http://www.workability.one/post

With gratitude,

The workability team

jobsacrossthespectrum AT gmail DOT com