Process for Applying for the Online Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Due to an avalanche of applications, we are no longer accepting new applicants at this time. Those who have applied, successfully completed a background check, and passed a phone-screening interview will be placed on a waiting list and notified as spots become available. Thank you for the tremendous response and enthusiasm!

Slots Available in Tuition-Free Pharmacy Tech Course that Aims to Fill Need, Help C.O. Students

Step 1: Apply online at the link below:

We encourage you to write a comprehensive resume that covers work experiences for at least the last 10 years of your employment history. We especially encourage you to attach a cover letter explaining why you'd like to participate in the program, or at minimum, include a brief version of a cover letter under the Summary section of the online application. This allows us to better understand your qualifications and your motivation for applying.

Step 2: Complete your online background check form.

Within three (3) working days of submitting your online application, you will receive an email from TransUnion Shareable containing a link to your online criminal background check form. Please complete this form within 48 hours of receiving it.

Step 3: Complete a Phone Interview with workability

If you successfully passed the criminal background check, you will receive an email message from requesting your availability for a phone interview. You are also welcome to reach out and email and request an interview time.

At this point, we will place an order for your study guide. You'll receive a hardcopy within 7-10 days after your phone interview. In an effort to be sustainable and green, and to save money for more student enrollment, we are purchasing copies in good-to-excellent used conditiion. These books are yours to keep, but if you'd like to donate the books back to workability when you complete the program, we'll be happy to share it with another student!

Step 4: Enroll in the Program

If you successfully complete your phone screening, you will receive a welcome email from Pharmacy Tech Scholar, our education platform partner, with instructions on how to get started. Follow the instructions to complete your formal enrollment in the program.

Step 5: Get Started with the Coursework

After you've enrolled, you can begin accessing the online courses and participating in the weekly virtual education sessions with Dr. Emmel. Take advantage of these informal learning opportunities and try your best to make the time to attend every week.

Step 5: Update Your Resume

Once you've completed all of the coursework, please email a copy of your certificate to so that we have it on file. Update your resume to reflect your new training, and certificate of completion.

Step 6: Complete your application for an Oregon Pharmacy Technician License

Step 7: Volunteer with Local Pharmacies to Obtain Some Work Experience

Community Pharmacy, Bend

Mosaic Medical Pharmacy Services:

Volunteers in Medicine - Clinic of the Cascades: This is an ideal place to volunteer if you are fluent in Spanish.

Step 8: Participate in workabillity's Networking Mixers to Meet Hiring Managers

We will send out an email inviting you to a mixer with hiring managers once they have been scheduled. We encourage you to participate to meet other learners in the program, and to hear directly from hiring managers at retail pharmacies around the region.