Career Advice from Certified ADHD Life Coach Hannah Chu

Reconsider Before Ghosting Potential Employers

The modern job market is a double-edged sword. On one side, there are countless opportunities right at our fingertips. On the other, this abundance can lead to indecision and, unfortunately, the growing trend of ghosting potential employers.

For clarity, "ghosting" in the job-search realm means abruptly cutting ties with a potential employer, even after a job offer has been made. This action, though seemingly minor, can have significant repercussions. Here's why you should think twice before applying to roles at companies you might consider ghosting.

1. Guard Your Professional Image

Your professional standing is a pivotal part of your career journey. Ghosting a company tarnishes this image. Remember, news travels quickly, especially in tight-knit sectors, and a negative reputation can return to plague your future endeavors.

2. Consider the Resources Involved

Recruitment is an intensive process for companies in terms of time and money. When you ghost after engaging with the recruitment process, you strain these resources, delaying the role-filling and affecting the company's functionality.

3. Legal Implications Aren't Impossible

Though uncommon, some companies might take legal routes against candidates who vanish post-accepting a job offer. It's crucial to keep this in mind and always proceed with integrity.

4. Impacts on Fellow Job-Seekers

You might be sidelining another aspirant genuinely passionate about the role by ghosting. This unnecessary delay can adversely affect their career trajectory.

5. Uphold Personal Values

Intending to ghost isn't a testament to your personal ethics. Keeping the job search transparent and honest is ethically correct. It reinforces self-worth and moral principles essential for enduring career success.

Strategies to Sidestep Ghosting

If you get an offer you'd rather not accept, address it head-on. Be clear with the employer about your decision, appreciating their offer and providing a conclusive response.

If you need more clarification about a position, research it well in advance. Garner insights from existing or former employees, scan online reviews, and contemplate how the role complements your long-term objectives.


Ghosting employers isn't just unprofessional; it leaves an indelible mark on your image, affects the organization and other applicants, and mirrors poorly on your ethics. As we navigate the professional realm, it's pivotal to undertake the job search with dedication, transparency, and consideration for all parties.

In an era where professional networks and personal ethics are crucial, let's pledge to eradicate ghosting from job-seeking and embrace a more compassionate and accountable pathway to career advancement.

Hannah Chu is a certified ADHD Life Coach, and a member of the International Federation of Coaches. Learn more about Hannah at