SHRM Disability Inclusion Pledge

May 5, 2023

SHRM Disability Inclusion Pledge

Earlier this week, the Society for Human Resource Management launched its 2023 Disability Inclusion Pledge. Developed in coordination with ODEP as part of its Alliance with SHRM, this new initiative encourages human resource professionals and other business executives to commit to fostering a culture of inclusivity and provides a suite of tools and resources to help them implement related policies and best practices.

Building Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive and Accessible Workplaces for People with Disabilities

Research reveals that approximately 25% of adults have a disability. Despite the progress disabled people have made in and out of the workplace, there is still more we can do to ensure that workplaces are equitable and fully inclusive of employees with disabilities.

That is why SHRM, in collaboration with the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) at the U.S. Department of Labor and ABLE today, has launched the 2023 Disability Inclusion Pledge to give HR professionals and business executives the tools they need to build better workplaces for disabled workers.